Tooth discoloration after braces. How to clean/get rid of stained teeth

What to do if you worried about stained teeth after braces? How to fix stained teeth after braces? Wearing braces can be the reason for stains appearing on your teeth. The white spots can be not only under but also around the braces which looks unaesthetic. The situation is better for you if your braces are removable so you can maintain good oral hygiene because bacteria can accumulate under the braces. It’s easy to see those spots. They have different color and texture in comparison with the rest of the tooth. Demineralization causes this issue. It’s the lack of minerals, which were removed, that makes this part of enamel whiter than the surrounding tooth. You can remineralize these places with a paste with fluoride.


Maybe the sports were also caused by the glue which the braces were mounted with.

Pitted spots means that there is a lot fluoride on your teeth or plaque.

If you want plaque to start to fade, keep your teeth healthy and clean. Otherwise plaque which makes your teeth look yellow can cause gum diseases or cavities. So brush your teeth twice or three times daily. Flossing and rinsing after brushing can prevent bacteria from getting into problem areas. You can take orthodontic treatment which includes re-mineralization. To prevent the spots from growing, each tooth will be coated with cream or varnish (fluoride, for example). It’s an effective way to return minerals, rebuild the enamel, and remove the stains. Also you can take a dental procedure which involves applying a certain type of resin to your teeth. A special electric toothbrush for people with braces will help you clean around brackets and loosen plaque. A special floss threader effectively removes plaque under appliances such as braces. An orthodontist will evaluate tooth discoloration and show you necessary brushing techniques or offer special dental cleanings.

A dentist can offer you professional whitening after a half of a year after removing of your braces.

You can use tooth-whitening products at home. A dental hygienist will help you remove minor stains with regular cleanings.

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