Are Titanium and Vanadium Implants Harmful? Good or Bad for Health?

Today, the procedure of dental implants has evolved greatly and is relatively easy comparing to older ages, when the implants could cause adaptation problems or have any other effects by the surgery. Implants are, basically, artificial teeth roots made mostly by titanium.

There have been conducted many researches and extended studies on titanium during the last thirty years since it is used broadly in orthopedics and dental implants. All studies and implementations have shown and proved that its biocompatibility is excellent and there is no risk to cause cancer or have any other side effects. A few side effects that have emerged are not caused by titanium itself, but by its interaction with other metals.

That’s why dentists insist on pre surgical examination that will determine whether the titanium is compatible with other metals while the rest of the medical history of the patient will be also taken into consideration to avoid any further side effects.

Hence, when people ask whether there are titanium, vanadium dental implants side effects, the answer is, usually, negative in most cases. Remember, though, that you should discuss with your dentist about the quality of the implant material. It is noticed that lately the companies produce implants based on the mixture of titanium, vanadium and aluminum. Although, they claim that this mixture is necessary for the extra strength of the implants, the truth is that vanadium and aluminum are toxic and can also cause allergies and, hence, they should be avoided for dental implants. Hence, when people ask: are titanium safe, toxic, dangerous, magnetic? The answer is simple. Titanium is safe as long as the quality is tested and checked and its origins are known.

Sometimes, patients are complaining about the dental implant adaptation or infections in their mouths after the surgery. You must keep in mind that a mild infection is expected after a surgery and the adaptation to the new implant needs time. Yet, these are issues related to the adaptation of the dental implant to the human body and are not related to the quality of the material. In fact, the implant may take up to six months till it’s well adapted to your mouth. In any case, during the first year you must visit your dentist often because you might need some medication or antibiotics that will help and accelerate the adaptation of the implant.

Many people fear allergies and they ask about the frequency of titanium dental implants allergy. It’s estimated around 1%.

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