How to Reduce Bad Breath Tips

Everyone gets it and everyone fears it that dreaded morning breath. There does not seem to be a whole lot you can do to fight against it either. But there is no doubt that we have all had those moments of waking up with someone for the first time and getting that panicked feeling of morning breath and worry about how hard it might be to get rid of.

The first thought is what causes morning breath and what can you really do to prevent it? While you’re awake, your saliva flows freely. This does two things to help alleviate odors. It washes food particles out of your mouth, preventing the particles from decomposing and contributing to breath odor. It also delivers Oxygen to your tongue, gums and throat. These places are the breeding grounds for the anaerobic bacteria which cause bad breath. During normal waking hours, you’re also drinking fluids which help the saliva remove food particles.

When you sleep your saliva flow decreases at a dramatic rate for some people it even completely stops. When your mouth gets dry that causes the salvia to thicken and not be as moist. Without constant moisture your mouth can be further dried out by your own breathing because most will breathe through their mouth at night as an automatic thing, especially someone who snores badly. It is not ironic then knowing this that those who snore tend to be more susceptible to morning breath.

The best thing you can do is make sure you brush, floss and use a good mouthwash before going to bed. There are some toothpastes that are geared for helping with morning breath and should be used as soon as you get up as well Smart mouth advanced is a good one as is Tom’s of Maine because they do not have a lot of inactive ingredients that could possibly make the issue worse. Getting your teeth cleaned regularly will help as well because it will make sure you do not get a buildup of tooth plague which smells bad and will only add to morning breath issues.

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