DIY Toothpaste: Why You Should Use It and How To Make It

DIY cosmetics are definitely the way forward. Making your own toothpaste is a great way of ensuring that you’re looking after your teeth. So many shop-bought dental products contain unnecessary ingredients (unless you have specific dental needs!) and are wrapped in endless packaging that damages the environment. Check out this recipe for toothpaste you can… Read More »

Best food for teeth enamel. Enamel friendly foods

Keeping your enamel not only intact but strong is something that you need to take a offensive approach in when you are talking about oral health. Along with making sure you have your teeth cleaned every 6 months and using preventive products there are foods that you can actually work into your diet that will… Read More »

Top 10 home remedies for white teeth

How to get a white smile naturally Whenever you look at a person’s face, the first thing that catches your attention must be their teeth. People with bright and well-aligned teeth will feel far more confident than other and it’s the key of beautiful smile. Although people can easily come to any dental clinic, get… Read More »