7 Important Root Canal Recovery Tips

What Can You Expect From A Root Canal Procedure First, what actually is a “root canal”? Root canal is the common term used to describe a major dental procedure to preserve a decayed or infected tooth that is otherwise lost. In general, the treatment is about removing and cleaning the infected or infection-prone contents within… Read More »

Four Minutes a Day for a Healthy Smile

In the busy morning thinking today’s to-do list, to reach office on time and brushing faster and rinsing off. Aren’t we concentrating on brushing? “Brushing twice a day keeps the teeth clean and hygiene”, we know this from our childhood days. But are we doing it correct? Oral health impacts the overall health of the… Read More »

Teeth Shade Guide. Tooth Enamel Colors A, B, C, D

Dental Shade Guides are used to colour match dental patients requiring replacement prosthetic teeth. They are a set of artificial teeth made from either plastic or porcelain that represent the range of tooth shades available. When considering a match for a prosthetic tooth, appearance is everything, and dental specialists consider hue, chroma, and value. The… Read More »