Dental orthodontic braces cleaning kit: toothpaste, toothbrush, floss

Braces are a very common occurrence in dentistry these days, whether from a child/teenager application or adult braces. They are still the best way to straighten teeth overall and are generally more affordable and less drastic them some other cosmetic things that could be done. One big question that comes up when someone gets braces… Read More »

How to reduce/avoid bad breath tips

Everyone gets it and everyone fears it that dreaded morning breath. There does not seem to be a whole lot you can do to fight against it either. But there is no doubt that we have all had those moments of waking up with someone for the first time and getting that panicked feeling of… Read More »

How to prevent/avoid teeth staining (teeth discoloration)

Tooth discoloration is one of the hot topics on the market right now and it is something those who smoke and or drink coffee have always dealt with. The nice thing about a modern era of products and technology though is that we now have lines of toothpaste that are specifically geared towards helping with… Read More »

Dental insurance codes: D0150, D0160, D0180

Dental insurance D0150 – A Comprehensive Oral Evaluation (new chart made), or D0150, is a medical code that illustrates the procedure in which typically a new patient is entered into the data system for a dental office or department. This comprehensive chart and information are gathered through the process of screening a new patient, an… Read More »

Dental insurance codes: D0120, D0140, D0145

Dental insurance code D0120 – A Periodic Oral Evaluation serves several important purposes. For one, it allows your dentist or dental assistant to regularly keep tabs on the condition of your oral health, as well as any previous surgical work done – such as fillings or root canals. The Periodic oral evaluation also maximizes their… Read More »