Best dental food for cats and dogs. Healthiest food products

In consideration of optimizing your purchase and investment into the most practical and effective dental foods for cats and dogs, there are some points to consider. Firstly, it’s essential that you seek out foods in general – for cats or dogs- that are rich in nutrients, and those with antioxidants to improve overall health are… Read More »

Baby (infant) teething age, order, pattern

Every mother faces the issue of baby’s teething problems (temperature, fever, cough, night pain), the replacement primary teeth by permanent teeth, and the care and treatment of baby teeth. What to do if your baby won’t stop crying, eat, sleep (nap)? What we know about baby teeth? The first baby teeth (also known as reborner… Read More »

Top 5 best dental tourism countries in Europe and Asia

How does dental tourism work? The concept of dental tourism doesn’t have to be difficult. Understandably – especially in Western countries – dental work can be some of the most taxing on your wallet. Even for those with medical insurance, co-pays can soar through the roof, making it both discouraging as well as impractical in… Read More »

Should I brush my teeth using cold, hot, or warm water?

People often pay little attention to what temperature the water should be when you brush your teeth. Teeth are solid, but a sensitive tooth nerve can be easily damaged. Early tooth loss can be caused by long-time use of cold and warm water while brushing your teeth. It generally depends on your sensitivities. You should… Read More »

What to do if your baby, child won’t brush teeth?

What do you do when your baby, child won’t (refuses, hates) to brush teeth? Or won’t let me brush her, his teeth? Preschool children often do not want to brush their teeth or bathe. They do not understand why they need to do it, because it good without doing it. What should I do if… Read More »