Is dental cement toxic, safe, strong?

How does Dental Cement work and is it safe? There are at least four major types of dental cements used as an adhesive to connect a tooth’s structure, each in most instances requiring a “provisional restoration” period in which minor to as much work as possible can be done, adequately preparing your tooth or teeth… Read More »

Best recommended (the strongest) teeth whitening gel 2016-2017 US UK

Teeth Whitening systems can include at-home kits, dental office visits, or a combination of both with some approaches, often reinforced by the usage of at-home “trays”. Using teeth whitening or “bleaching” agents requires the consistent application of gel, which contains usually between 3%-20% peroxide, carbamide, or hydrogen peroxides. On the other hand, at home whitening… Read More »

Fastest and easy way to whiten teeth at home. Dangers, risks

Everyone wants to have beautiful, dazzling white smile, but to ask for such services to the dentist for many people – something from the category of luxury. Meanwhile, our grandparents knew how to whiten teeth at home, and their methods have not lost their effectiveness and to this day. What are ways (methods, tricks) to… Read More »

Best dental food for cats and dogs. Healthiest food products

In consideration of optimizing your purchase and investment into the most practical and effective dental foods for cats and dogs, there are some points to consider. Firstly, it’s essential that you seek out foods in general – for cats or dogs- that are rich in nutrients, and those with antioxidants to improve overall health are… Read More »