Is dental tourism safe? Risks, problems, recommendations

Is Dental Tourism Safe? Like many decisions in life that deal directly with your health and welfare, determining and utilizing a trustworthy service provider, especially when it comes to your body, can be a hassle. In fact, it should be a “hassle” so to speak, whereas doing your due diligence can be the difference between… Read More »

Is teeth bleaching safe, dangerous, effective procedure?

Up until recently, tooth whitening was a very expensive procedure adopted only by famous actors and actresses as well as professionals, who wanted to have a nice and bright smile. Nowadays, the new procedures with laser and the most reasonable prices attracted more people, who are interested and ask their dentists about teeth whitening. Is… Read More »

Are titanium implants harmful, good or bad for health? User reviews

Today, the procedure of dental implants has evolved greatly and is relatively easy comparing to older ages, when the implants could cause adaptation problems or have any other effects by the surgery. Implants are, basically, artificial teeth roots made mostly by titanium. There have been conducted many researches and extended studies on titanium during the… Read More »