NHS Dental Treatment For Pregnant Women In UK

Good health is essential, most especially during pregnancy. In this regard, dental care for pregnant women is highly recommended, as well. This will prevent the expecting moms from acquiring gum diseases which usually results from hormonal imbalance. The good news is that, pregnant women in UK are entitled to free NHS dental treatments as prescribed.

In order to avail of these costless dental services including routine check-ups, you need to be pregnant during the time of treatment, or begin the course of therapy within 12 months after giving birth. Application of a Maternity Certificate (MATB1) or a Maternity Exemption Certificate (MatEx) will be necessary. This will ensure your eligibility for acceptance of this type of health benefit. You can obtain these forms from the doctors, midwives and health visitors. Your attending practitioner needs to sign, as well. This is to confirm all the the information that you have filled-up.

If you are scheduled for treatment after your baby is born, you will be asked to present the infant’s birth certificate for further proof. You are entitled to this free NHS dental care, only if you have recently delivered in the last 12 months. In cases of unfortunate loss of pregnancy, women may still avail of this NHS treatment without any charge. Additional requirements such as the stillbirth certificate will be requested, for your compliance.

After completion of the certificates and other requisites, you are ready to avail of the necessary NHS dental care, free of charge. Dentists are expected to start the course of treatment, during the second trimester of gestation. The first and the later part of the third trimester is usually avoided for precautionary measures. An intensive medical assessment is done to check if it is safe to expose the pregnant woman to a particular dental procedure. If the condition of the patient is unfavorable, the doctor will opt o postpone any elective dental intervention, after the woman gives birth.

Routine check-ups with your dentist should not be skipped. Regular periodontal exams are very essential during this time.  Proper dental care will prevent gum diseases and other illnesses which may increase pregnancy risks. It is highly recommended to stick with you dentist appointments as much as possible. With the NHS dental benefits, you do not have to worry about the cost that these treatments would entail. This is a great advantage that you should take, to promote health and wellness for you and your baby.

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