NHS Dental Services (Dental Filling, Root Canal Therapy, Orthodontic Services)

NHS provides various services as prescribed by your dentist. It is highly recommended to avail of these treatments, in order to improve your dental condition and prevent any further damage to your teeth. Each of these courses of dental care is encouraged to address a particular problem. Consulting your dentist will assist you in determining your needed therapy, and deciding on what particular procedure to undergo.

One of the most common treatment is dental filling. This is prescribed when a tooth has a hole as a result of caries. Since a cavity is formed, following the demineralization of the hard tissues or tooth enamel, restoration is important. The tooth decay will be removed and restructured. Amalgam is usually the substance used to fill these cavities. Doing this process will bring back the function and the integrity of the tooth. Other materials such as gold, porcelain and composite resin are also used as fillers. The type of material will depend on the preference of the patient, the recommendation of the dentist and the clinical requirement of the specific condition.

In worse cases wherein the pulp is infected, root canal therapy may be advised. However, if the affected tooth cannot be saved by this endodontic procedure, extraction is evident. As an end result, dentures will be prescribed afterwards. An obvious reason why a person acquires false teeth, is for aesthetic purposes. More importantly, the masticating function of the teeth will be recovered. Partial or full dentures are custom-made according to the unique requirements of the patient. These are precisely measured to fit the edentulous area, to replace the natural set of teeth. Implants are also considered as an alternative to false teeth. If the bone structure of your jaws is strong enough, this treatment is advisable for certain tooth replacements. This may cost more since this device is made of titanium and is designed to last a lifetime.

Orthodontic services are also provided by the NHS. Dental braces are prescribed by dentists to patients with misaligned teeth. This condition can greatly affect the bite or the chewing process of the person. Cosmetic improvement will also be realized, thus increasing the patient’s self-esteem. The traditional type is the metal wired braces, which is made with stainless steel.

Clear braces using ceramic materials are also increasing in popularity. This kind blends with he natural color of the teeth, thereby is less conspicuous. Other dental treatments made available by the NHS include crowns, bridges, veneers and whitening. You can submit to this health care facility for free.

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