Is Teeth Cleaning Bad for Enamel? Problems

The future of the stomatology belongs to dental prophylaxis. It is based on a thorough oral hygiene. Gingivitis and gingivae’s bleeding sickness, offensive breath, making communication difficult, black stain indicate that you need to go to the hygienist. Regular visits to the hygienist (at least 2 times a year) reduce the risk of carious cavities formation and the risk of paradontosis.

However, teeth’s health depends on you.

Poor oral hygiene leads to the clump of bacterin’s toxins and result in the development of inflammatory process, the pathological subgingival space formation and the destruction of periodontal attachment. It all goes to show that you have a periodontitis. Also it has symptoms: the formation of supragingival and subgingival stones, edematous cyanotic mucosa, mucosa’s outgrowth (granulation), exudation, denudation of the necks of the teeth, offensive breath, tooth mobility. Afterwards bone’s destruction is in progress. Sometimes the hole from which pus flows out is found out on gum. It’s fistula that is canal, which was formed to drain the purulency from the infected cavity.

Any periodontal treatment will have good results only on condition the right oral care by the patient and regular visits to the hygienist.

So what is a professional tooth cleaning? This is the removal of supragingival and subgingival calcified debris, excavation of dental deposit, polishing the surface of teeth, processing of mucous coat of marginal gingiva with bactericides. Deep fluoridation completes the cleaning. Fluoridation is an essential anticaries agent. If necessary, cleaning is carried out repeatedly.

Important matter for the patients: do ultrasonic cleaning and excavation of solid dental deposit by special tools have a negative effect on the enamel. Firstly, all tools are made of a special alloy and have a special cutter grinding. Secondly, enamel is one of the strongest tissue in the human body. Thirdly, a professional cleaning is carried out by qualified personnel. Possible damage from cleaning is much less than that of periodontitis.

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