Are Invisalign Braces Effective, Comfortable? Are Invisalign Braces Visible?

Nowadays patients have many options of orthodontic treatment including transformation of their smile or straightening teeth which affects their oral and overall health. Every dental or orthodontic issue is unique.

Invisalign braces are getting more and more popular now (despite them appearing on the market about 15 years ago) for understandable reasons.


With them you can forget about traditional tight metal brackets and wires. There is no discomfort like from wearing wires. Custom-made aligners are so comfortable and smooth that you won’t feel disturbance in your everyday life. You can remove aligners to clean them, brush and floss your teeth or eat. They don’t affect your speech.

Aligners allow you to straighten your teeth gently.

When it comes to food there are no restrictions with Invisalign. You needn’t worry that food can get stuck.

It’s easy to clean them. Just brush and rinse them after each meal which can be inconvenent, though.

Invisalign alignersare customised, removable, comfortable and effective. Your individual needs are considered. The treatment includes replacement of a set of aligners every two weeks.

You can take aligners out in order to have a meal, play sports, maintain oral hygiene or for some special big occasions. The plastic aligners are clearly invisible so most people won’t notice that you’re wearing them.

You are supposed to wear them about 22 hours a day for a half a year or more to perfect your teeth and smile. It won’t take much effort.

When it comes to disadvantages tooth movement can cause discomfort. Invisaligners can help you with different dental problems including difficulties such as crooked, widely gapped or protruding teeth, overbite, open bite, crossbite, etc. But if you need bridgework or you have specific complex dental problems with back tooth bite, etc. invisaligners may not be right for you.

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