Free, Low-Cost Dental Clinic in San Jose, CA for No Insurance, Low Income Patients

Free, low-cost dental services for people with low income, no insurance in San Jose CA

Out of the different basic necessities people may need the aim to have hands on the best medical assistance shall always be the top most priority of every state. The main role played by the state for its public is to fulfill their basic needs and among the different needs the medical assistance plays a very significant role in every regard. Many people in the state fell for different dental issues every now and then and these issues always create a lot of trouble in the longer run if not treated on time. However at the same time the expenses caused by the dental services are always beyond the control of the needy people and here the role played by the state of San Jose CA is always a significant one. Here we have discussed a few such health centers and dental clinics where people may get their hands on the right kind of dental services either free of cost or at affordable rates.

Gardner Family Health Network

Gardner Family Health Network is a service provider in terms of dental aspects which works on the funding of the general public and high end companies, here many patients have been dealt on a daily basis with the free of cost dental services ranging from scaling to root canal and many of them also opt for the surgical process since the panel of dentists here is pretty experienced.
160 East Virginia Street
San Jose, CA – 95112
(408) 200-2291

San Jose Foothills Family Community Clinic

This community centre also works for the welfare of the general public which finds it difficult to afford the medical treatments due to the over expensive charges. However, this entire centre is also based on the donations made by public and it has the most elaborative and automated technological innovations incorporated to perform different dental procedure within no time and less pain.
2380 Montpelier Drive
San Jose, CA – 95116
(408) 729-9700

CompreCare Health Center Dental Clinic

This health care clinic works under the supervision of very versatile and experienced professionals who are masters in their field of dentistry and have been using latest equipment here to treat all kinds of patients with different dental problems. The best part is that this centre provided relief for all such people who have no insurance plans being qualified and have low income so that they may get rid of their dental problems.

3030 Alum Rock Avenue
San Jose, CA – 95127

(408) 272-6300

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