Free, Low Cost Dental Work in Phoenix, AZ for Low Income, No Insurance Patients

Dental Clinics, which provide free, low cost dental work for low income and no insurance patients in Phoenix, AZ

Dental issues are very common among people and most of the people fight with different kinds of dental problems every now and then. The main thing is that we can’t ever just ignore the dental problems because anything that is related to your teeth is always very painful, this pain may cause severe distress and at many instances many people are also unable to eat, drink or even sleep.

However, other very big issues people face when it comes to their dental concerns is the expense of dealing with dental treatments usually these are a way too expensive and people having less income and no insurance covered may find it difficult to get their dental issues treated. However for patients in Phoenix AZ there are many such dental clinics that are offering free of cost dental work to help patients get rid of their trouble.

St Vincent De Paul Free Dental Clinic Phoenix

This dental clinic is a savior to many such children and adults who require immediate dental assistance but are unable to afford expensive treatments. This clinic provides all kinds of preventive care and appropriate treatments to patients who have to expensive treatments. The dentists here actually volunteer their services free of cost in order to help humanity and the work through weekdays, whereas on weekends this clinic is closed.

420 W. Watkins Rd
Phoenix, AZ – 85003

(602) 261-6868

7th Avenue Family Health Center

This health centre is a not for profit organization which works for the betterment and medical services on welfare basis for the public at large as not everyone may afford the expensive treatments. When it comes to their dental service side they provide free of cost cleaning, filling and scaling services followed by x-rays and other detailed dental procedures to the patients.
1205 South 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ – 85007
(602) 344-6609

NOAH – Desert Mission Community Health Center

This community health centre is a very ideal place to go for any person who is unable to afford much and need some financial assistance in this regard. Usually dental services are very expensive and this leads to creating long term issues for many such people who are unable to afford these services. Whereas such health centers have their one side of donation and volunteer services where patients with low income and no insurance may get dental help be it oral surgery or be it root canal and cleaning. This centre also has a very impressive team of dentists dealing with patients with great assistance.

9201 North Fifth Street
Phoenix, AZ – 85020
(602) 331-5792

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