Free Low-cost Dental Work in San Francisco, CA for No Insurance, Low Income Patients

How to Get Affordable Dental Work in San Francisco CA?

Dental treatments are required by most of the people at least for once in a lifetime and the expenses demanded by the dental treatments are always something not everyone can afford. There are still such people who either have low income or they have no insurance covered to provide them with dental services. However, in order to cater such people San Francisco has many such health centers and dental clinics which provide free of cost or discounted services to treat any dental issues people might face.

South of Market Health Center – San Francisco

This health centre is serving many patients form the past many years and keeping themselves aligned with latest technological innovations for dealing with medical issues the health centre provide for a lot of ease and comfort for people who are unable to afford the service cost. They always look forward to funding which they utilize on patients who are unable to afford their treatments. They have renowned dentists from the state who tend to provide treatments.

551 Minna St.
San Francisco, CA – 94103
Phone: (415) 626-2951

San Francisco Free Clinic – San Francisco

San Francisco Free Clinic is known to provide a great deal of services to many of the people who are in dire need of medical assistance but since they are unable to afford it they lack behind. However, in this clinical dental procedures are performed with great care and concern and many latest technological innovations are being used here to perform different dental procedures for the patients coming over. The best part is they deal with the patients who are unable to afford and need medical help as they have either low income or they have lack of insurance coverage.

4900 California St
San Francisco, CA – 94118
Phone: (415) 750-9894

St Anthony Foundation – San Francisco

This is basically a sort of a foundation that works for social welfare of the public in need; however, in the same foundation of theirs they have created different segments where one of it is medical assistance. In the medical segment of this foundation dental services are also offered and many people are taking a significant advantage out of this service when it comes to treating their dental problems and that too at no costs involved. The services offered here are offered by well experienced dentists who are qualified enough to offer best results.

150 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA – 94102
Phone: (415)241-2600

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