Free, low cost dental work for low income, no insurance patients in Tucson, AZ

Coping with Dental Concern at the Lowest Cost

Medical problems are nowadays taking a toll over everything and so are the medical expenses, however, there is still a group of people in this world that is unable to afford the expenses demanded by medical treatments and due to being deprived of such facilities they end up suffering from severe diseases. Well, where one side of the world is busy making money over the basic necessities of life another side of the world believes in humanity and there are people who spend their lives providing ease to the ones who need help. Dental issues are very common among adults as well as children and need immediate treatment or else the infections may spread leaving the patient with so much of pain and trouble, a few such dental clinics offering free of cost and discounted services to people with low income and no insurance may include the following:

El Rio Health Northwest Campus

This health centre is a well known health centre which is working under the head of non-profit concern and is serving thousands of needy people when it comes to medical assistance. Many people have been taking the best dental services from the medical centre and they tend to have basic dental services and also surgeries and other dental implants by qualified dentists.
320 West Prince Rd.
Tucson, AZ – 85705
(520) 670-3909

Congress Dental Clinic Tucson

Congress Dental Clinic is also one of a very well known not-for-profit health centers and clinic which works upon the donation of the general public. This clinic has been serving in this field of dental treatments for the past many years for free of cost and many patients even get their surgeries and extractions done here which is obviously a very expensive procedure. However, the main aim of this clinic lies in serving humanity and they work really hard to help people get rid of the dental pain caused and get it treated without worrying about the expenses caused.
839 W. Congress St.
Tucson, AZ – 85745
(520) 670-3909

Marana Dental Clinic

Marana Dental Clinic is also a very famous name when it comes to taking an insight to such dental clinics that offer free of cost treatment for needy patients. This clinic has been serving many patients on a daily basis and that too under the supervision of very well known to dentists. The service provided here includes almost everything from the basic provision of daily routine services like cleaning and scaling to all those heavy duty extractions and surgeries too. This clinic is known for its organized level of services with high end quality and well trained and experienced staff for better and easy treatment. This clinic also attains donations in order to serve patients with low income.
13395 N. Marana Main Street
Marana, AZ – 85653
(520) 616-6200

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