Free, Low-cost Dentist in San Francisco, CA for No Insurance, Low Income Patients

Free Dental Work, Affordable Dental Services of Needy People in San Diego CA

Medical assistance is a basic necessity because you never know when and how you may end up facing a lot of trouble in consideration to different medical issues and you may need some professional help. However, due to the increase in medical fee and expense many people have been found to be deprived of the basic medical facilities and this is something very painful and ridiculous about the society today. Many people including children have been deprived of the basic care be it of any kind, specially the costs involved in dental treatment are now far beyond being reachable for the people with good financial backgrounds even.

Here we have poured some light on the different dental services which may be availed either free of cost or at a lower amount of cost by the people who are unable to afford.

El Cajon Family Health Center

It is basically a health centre where a person may also get treated with the dental issues and that too with a very affordable cost at seven different centers being found. This health centre gives services in respect of all kinds of dental issues including the pain management, basic cleaning and scaling and oral surgeries by experienced professionals.

525 East Main Street
El Cajon, CA – 92020
(619) 515-2498

EL Cajon Dental

El Cajon is a very well known dental clinic located in San Diego CA and has been offering a huge series of dental services free of cost to its clients. These services are offered by most experienced dentists around the world and they tend to give all kinds of dental services from basic to the complex ones involving surgeries.

183 South First
El Cajon, CA – 92019
(619) 328-1335

Neighborhood Healthcare Lakeside Dental

Neighborhood Healthcare Lakeside Dental is a very well known dental clinic located in the state and provides for very apprehensive dental services in the best possible way. This clinic deals with adults as well as children and other than just providing dental services to the patients this clinic also provides for dental care education to the general public in order to avoid the severe dental issues later in life. The services offered by this clinic range from basic cleaning and go up to x-rays and major dental surgical procedures for everyone in an affordable price for people having no insurance and low income.

10039B Vine St.
Lakeside, CA – 92040-3130
(619) 390-9135

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