Does Your Young Child Need Dental Treatment & Do They Need Braces?

dental treatment

If you are a parent, you must know that taking care of your child’s well being is the top-most priority in your life. When your child gets sick, you take him/her to the general physician. You even make your child for regular check-ups. But do you take your child for regular dental check-ups? As a parent, you must maintain your child’s physical appearance as well. Though they no agree with you now one day, they will thank you. If you think your child needs teeth braces to take him/her to an orthodontist right now. Because the Best age for braces teeth is during a person’s childhood and adolescent age, early orthodontics is also known as interceptive orthodontics, which begins at the age of six or seven.

What do teeth braces do?

does my child really need braces

Dental treatment solves issues related to one’s mouth. Some of those issues are teeth crowding, extra teeth, tooth spacing, and improper bite. These defects are known as malocclusions. If the problems are not fixed at a young age of a person’s life, it could cause several issues like worn enamel, issues with chewing or speaking or tooth decay. If your child is a teenager, then that is the Best age for braces teeth for them.

How many types of misalignments are there?

Whether your child is seven years old or is a twelve years old teenager, improper alignments are noticeable at both of the ages. Those imperfections appear at a young age only. So, it is beneficial for your child to start his/her dental treatment from now only.

There are three classes of teeth imperfections. They are:

  • Grade 1: If your child has a healthy bite, but the lower teeth are barely overlapped by the upper teeth, then he/she has class 1 malocclusion.
  • Class 2: The upper teeth and jaw severely overlap the lower teeth and jaw, then that is called an overbite, and it falls under category 2 imperfection.
  • Class 3: The upper teeth are severely protruded by the lower teeth and jaw, then it is called a class 3 malocclusion. Class 3 imperfection is very rare to found.
    If your child has any one of the following imperfections or has difficulty in speaking or chewing food, then consult a dentist immediately for further treatment.

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How can a child adapt to braces?

If your child is an adolescent teenager and has gotten braces, it can be quite tricky for him/her for the first few months. Encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities in their school to help them build confidence. Always remind them of what a fantastic smile would they have after they take off their braces.

Not only teenagers but small kids are getting braces nowadays quite frequently. The fact that your child’s jaw is still growing at such an early age will help the treatment very much. Even if they require some treatment later on in their lives, then it would quite less than other children who are getting braces at the age of twelve or thirteen for the first time in their lives.

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