Do Teeth Whitening Strips Really Work? Best Whitening Strips

teeth whitening strips really work

A snow-white smile can be achieved not only by making expensive professional whitening, which is unknown how it affects on enamel, but also at home. And no, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide and brushing your teeth with baking soda has nothing to do with it. In recent years, many have been actively using whitening strips, which provide an effect no worse than that of some super ZOOM, but at the same time painless and safe.

How does it work?

The strips are thin flexible plates coated with a particular compound that has sparing effect on the enamel, whitening it to a maximum of 5 tones (if they write otherwise, do not believe, although over time, perhaps there will be such strips that will easily whiten teeth 12 tones up). The effect lasts from 6 to 12 months (for some funds, the result continues up to 2 years, but this happens very rarely) depending on the lifestyle (a person smokes or not), as well as on what s/he eats and drinks. The strips do well with the grayish and yellowish tinge of enamel, eliminate darkening from coffee and tea, remove pigment stains on teeth left over from removing braces, etc.

The main active component of the strips is peroxide gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide-urea. The percentage of peroxide is entirely benign, so there is no aggressive and destructive effect on the enamel. As soon as the strip touches the tooth, the peroxide begins to actively produce oxygen ions, which penetrate the tissue, destroy the organic pigments, lightening the enamel. Such gels are used for professional bleaching at the dentist, only in higher concentrations and with the help of light or laser radiation, depending on the technique.

The whitening procedure with strips is carried out once or twice a day, be sure to maintain equal intervals between them. The pieces cannot be reused (they are not caps) in any case – they are disposable. One procedure can take from 5 minutes to several hours. There are also strips that are attached at night and are removed only in the morning. The exact time manufacturers necessarily indicate in the instructions. After the removal of pieces, you need to brush your teeth, preferably with a remineralizing paste, and rinse your mouth thoroughly. The effect will not be noticeable immediately, but only after the course, which consists of 2 to 4 weeks. At this time, it is recommended to refrain from the consumption of colored drinks and products.

However, the strips have their drawbacks. The first and most important – a few days will be hypersensitive teeth. To get rid of it, you will have to brush your teeth with a special paste and use the gel. Second, the strips are not always firmly fixed (especially for people with imperfectly even teeth or abnormal bite), which can lead to uneven bleaching. Well, the third minus – strips can cause burn gums, if they fail to attach, as well as an allergic reaction. These disadvantages are also present in professional bleaching.

Best Teeth Whitening Strips 2020

3D Bright Night Effects, Bright Light

bright white night whitening strips review
Night-action whitening strips do an excellent job with yellowing and dissolve the plaque that forms in smokers and coffee lovers. Some users even noted that the tool does an excellent job with fluorosis (speckled tooth enamel). The strips glued at night (for at least 6–8 hours), keep well and adjust to the shape of the teeth. One package contains 28 strips (for 14 applications), but the result is noticeable after the fifth use. The bleaching gel contains 6% hydrogen peroxide, peppermint essential oil, and other auxiliary substances that provide enamels and gums care. The strips slightly increase the sensitivity of the teeth, which is removed by special gels and pastes. The result lasts for a long time.

3D Bright Night Effects Bleaching Strips, Bright Light

Time White Classic, Shomi
It is ideal for people with sensitive teeth. The patented innovative formula that does not contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide perfectly bleaches the enamel, eliminates pigment stains from wine, coffee, and cigarettes. Manufacturers promise a visible result after the first application, and after ten days – a perfectly white smile, no worse than that of Hollywood stars. The strips are conveniently attached to the teeth, keep well, do not cause discomfort. You can use them at any convenient time of the day. The main thing is to allocate half an hour for the procedure.

Whitening Strips Time White Classic, Shomi

3DWhite Luxe, Blend-a-med Safe American bleaching strips that have won love and respect around the world. They can even cope with many years of darkening of the enamel, and all thanks to innovative technology used in professional bleaching. In addition to the main component – a sparing concentration of hydrogen peroxide, 3DWhite Luxe contains medicinal and auxiliary substances that take care of enamel. The effect of the strips appears after two weeks of daily use, and the result remains for up to 1 year. They make the strips of elastic material, which follows the shape of the teeth, fits snugly and is easy to remove. Withstand 3DWhite Luxe on the teeth should be 1 hour. The sensitivity of the enamel after using the tool increases, but quickly passes, if properly care for your teeth.

Bleaching strips 3DWhite Luxe, Blend-a-med

3D White Whitestrips LUXE Professional Effects, Crest
The latest technology Supreme Flexfit allowed creating strips that fit perfectly on the teeth and do not cause discomfort. Unlike the previous strips of Crest, these do not interfere with either talking or even drinking water (it is still forbidden to eat). The creators of the lower strip are of particular interest, which is usually quite problematic to fix. 3D White Whitestrips LUXE Professional Effects are suitable for sensitive whitening teeth, do not injure the enamel and do not cause pain. One achieves the bleaching process gradually, the duration of one procedure is 1 hour, and the course does not exceed two weeks. The visible result will be noticeable after the first application, and at the end of the entire class, the teeth will shine white.

Whitening Strips 3D White Whitestrips LUXE Professional Effects, Crest

Teeth Whitening with Active Oxygen, Global White
The thinnest and flexible active oxygen strips provide painless, effective and safe whitening without leaving your home. The action of the gel aimed at splitting enamel-staining pigments: the tool whitens the teeth evenly, without increasing their sensitivity. The strip itself exactly repeats the shape of the teeth, allowing the active substance sufficient time to act on the enamel. The course is designed for only one week, for which the teeth become noticeably whiter and more beautiful.

Whitening Strips Teeth Whitening with Active Oxygen, Global White

Whitening Strips, Listerine
It provides with perfect teeth whitening strips, not like any other. The main feature of this product is that you do not need to remove the pieces: you stick them on your teeth and wait for them to dissolve (this happens after 10–15 minutes). The composition of the tool is quite impressive and contains more than 20 ingredients, not without peroxide, of course. How these strips affect the gastrointestinal tract, history is silent, but they bleach well. Besides, the product also significantly improves breathing and disinfects the oral cavity, killing pathogenic bacteria. Depending on the degree of yellowness of the teeth, it is recommended to use strips 1 or 2 times a day for two weeks. The result lasts up to 1 year depending on the lifestyle, preferred food and drinks.

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