How Digital Dental Radiography is Used in Dentistry Practices

Digital Dental Radiography
Digital dental radiography, or x-rays, are used for a number of different dentistry practices. They can help doctors to determine the best course of treatment action for a number of different dental issues. But, many are unaware of their safety and how imperative they are to the dental field.

What is Dental Radiography Used For?

There are a number of reasons your dentist may choose to utilize digital dental radiography. Some issues your dentist may wish to get an x-ray of your mouth may include:

  • Identify where and how severe cavities are
  • Inspect roots of teeth
  • Make sure bone density surrounding teeth is healthy
  • Identify the presence of periodontal disease
  • Check on tooth development
  • Track and maintain oral health

Comparing Film X-rays with Digital Dental Radiography

When you think of x-rays, the chances are you picture film pictures of yesterday. But, with digital dental radiography, the future of x-ray technology is here. And, it provides many benefits over the old film x-rays. These benefits of digital dental radiography include:

  • As much at 90% less exposure to radiation than film x-ray systems
  • Digital monitors which provide easier-to-read pictures which instigate further patient education on oral issues
  • Provide the options for fast and easy digital transport to alternative dental establishments and insurance agencies
  • Offering zero chemical or lead waste, sparing the environment from harmful additives
  • Allow zero development time, meaning faster oral care and no wait time
  • Advanced technology calls for colored, 3D, zoomed, sharp, and clear images which help in noticing oral health issues even earlier than film x-rays. This can save time, money, and further oral health problems

The Safety of Digital Dental Radiology

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of digital dental radiology versus the film x-ray systems of the past is radiation exposure. For many years, x-rays have been known as harmful to health because of radiation exposure. But, with the technological advancements in digital x-ray systems, this has changed. While radiation is still utilized to receive a dental picture with digital systems, the radiation is specifically directed only where the picture is taken. This way, patients are exposed to up to 90% less radiation than they would with previous x-ray systems. Children and even pregnant women can now receive the dental care they need through the use of digital dental radiology.

Getting Digital Dental Radiography at Your Next Dentist Visit

Wondering how digital dental radiology can help with your oral health? At the offices of Jamie J. Alexander, D.D.S, P.A., we utilize only the best in dentistry x-ray technology, which includes digital radiology. If you’re looking for the best in dentistry x-ray technology, call our Boynton Beach dental office today at (561) 732-8877 to speak with us about how we can help with any of your oral health needs!

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