Dental tourism Mexico reviews (dangers, tips, information)

Dental Tourism: How it works in Mexico

Anyone seeking expensive, lengthy, and mind-racking dental care that lives in the United States or nearby neighboring countries can benefit greatly by making a trip to Mexico for dental work. In fact, Mexico is one of the top choices for “dental tourism”, including in comparison to other Latin American countries.


Dental tourism as it’s called is rather easy to access and simply requires you being mindful and conducting the necessary research before traveling to ensure you’re dealing with not only an affordable, but also a reputable, licensed, and well-reviewed medical care provider. Many review sites from Yelp to Trip Advisor have this information and reviews readily available online. There are of course many others review sites as well, and with the right amount of research and commitment finding legitimate reviews and information regarding a licensed practice that you’re interested in doesn’t have to be a headache.

How do I get there?

Whether or not and where you travel to Mexico for dental care is entirely up to you, although there are geographically convenient locations throughout Mexico that coincide with convenience dependent upon where your trip starts. Those coming from the west or northern United States will benefit the most by going to somewhere like Tijuana for dental care, as it’s the most popular given the distance, affordability, and reputation of dental care. On the other hand, if you’re coming from the east coast then Cancun is likely much more convenient and practical.

For those flying from other countries, tickets most recently have dramatically dropped in price to Mexico in efforts to stimulate more tourism, therefore working in your favor. Some experienced “dental tourists” have pointed out that once in Mexico or at the border, it’s much more ideal and safe to obtain a private taxi, as opposed to renting and driving your own vehicle.

What should I bring and is it safe?

It’s completely up to you how much and what you bring, but it’s not recommended to bring large sums of cash or other valuables with you. It’s important that you apply the same measures and keep in mind dangers that you might face when traveling abroad in any other country.

While Mexico is not the most dangerous place in the world, it’s not the safest either. It’s ideal to conduct some research on the part or parts of Mexico you’re traveling to, your embassy’s website, and any other critical requirements such as documents that might be necessary.

In comparison to other Latin American countries, Mexico is considerably safe. Mexico does not have a pervasive reputation for endangering, kidnapping, or harming tourists – but it has happened in the past. If you believe there is a safer alternative or place to be a “dental tourist” and you can afford it, this might be the better option for you.

What it really comes down to is not only affordability, but also the safety and assurance that you’re dealing with licensed, experienced, and reputable professionals. While there are plenty of legitimate, quality health care facilities and practitioners throughout Mexico, not all are honest or safe.

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