Teeth sealants for adults and kids. Pros and cons, side effects

There are quite a few criticized procedures in dentistry, one of the most common being teeth whitening, as some people claim that, despite the immediate and spectacular effect, it has a negative effect in time. Still, it seems that another procedure is ready to take this ‘title’ applying dental sealants.

Technically speaking, they are nothing else but plastic coating placed on the occlusal (chewing) surface of the permanent back teeth – the molars and premolars, to be more specific – with the sole purpose of protecting them from decay.

However, even though they are a preventive procedure, minimally invasive, which also prevent lesions, as well as plaque and bacteria from collecting, they have been seriously criticized lately, due to their negative effects over your entire mouth.

In most cases, dental sealants are placed on children. In order to properly apply them, a dry, clean environment is needed, so that the sealant can efficiently adhere. Obviously, a lot of dentists confirm that this is a pretty difficult operation since it can be challenging to keep a child fixed, with a dry mouth and salivary free. Therefore, there are situations in which the sealants won’t be placed properly and won’t remain on the tooth for such a long time.

Another aspect which needs to be mentioned is the use of acid-etch or adhesive systems prior to the application of sealants, which can seriously increase retention. Also, there are situations in which the sealant fails, due to improper placement, resulting in salivary contamination. And when a sealant fails, in time, bacteria manages to leak through and remains underneath, releasing acids that affect the enamel, making your teeth turn brown and even cause pain.

Considering this, if you decide to use dental sealants, whether for yourself or your child, the main recommendation is to do it at a clinician with an increased amount of experience, so you can avoid any of the above-mentioned problems.

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