Dental procedure codes: 9320, 9990

Dental code 9320: Diabetic Screening Procedure – Screening for diabetes before a dental procedure is easy, and is done by measuring the glucose levels or insulin production in the blood. Often, any type of blood oozing during a dental exam may be used later on to test for diabetes mellitus. Doing so creates a more practical, efficient relationship and understanding between patient and medical professionals both in the prevention, as well as treatment of any diabetes type. Diabetes is a serious condition and leads to thousands of deaths or more annually in the United States alone. Because oral surgery is a serious medical procedure, certain side effects and other medical problems otherwise unseen could arise during the course of treatment, should such a disease not be discovered and effectively treated prior.

Dental code: 9990 – The Planned Treatment Completed code ensures that planned treatment is completed allowing both the medical professional and patient to ensure any and all treatment measures have been completed post-care. This can range from medicine to specialized therapy, all the way to necessary follow-up appointments. Doing so not only prevents potential medical problems in the long-run, but also allows a dentist to ensure monitoring, and review of any potential oral surgery post-op challenges. A planned treatment completion is also a serious responsibility of any oral surgeon or dentist as it is both a legal and ethical obligation to every patient treated.

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