Dental Orthodontic Braces Cleaning Kit: Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss

Braces are a very common occurrence in dentistry these days, whether from a child/teenager application or adult braces. They are still the best way to straighten teeth overall and are generally more affordable and less drastic them some other cosmetic things that could be done. One big question that comes up when someone gets braces is what toothpaste they should use with braces.

The first thing to know is what toothpaste not to use with braces and that is anything that is whitening toothpaste. The problem with using whitening toothpastes on braces is that once you get the braces removed. Most whitening toothpastes also tend to only take care of surface stains and do not actually whiten deep into the tooth itself so some would recommend that it is not worth having anyways, but most certainly stay away from it when you have braces.

Other than that any other toothpaste is really going to be fine to use with braces. Unless your dentist has told you that you must have something specific you can use your favorite brand and just make sure you follow good oral hygiene, nothing can replace good oral hygiene. Many dentists will give their patients who have braces an oral hygiene kit that they can take with them for traveling or even out to eat at restaurants. This goes to show just how important it is to keep the particles of food and other things out of the dental appliance.

So as long as you are following good practices with your dental hygiene use the toothpaste that makes you happiest with your braces. If you have higher sensitivity then some you might wish to talk to your dentist about a sensitive teeth formula that would be safe with your braces and never forget to floss too!


DentaKit company offers several products for braces: braces kits, orthodontic toothbrush, clear retainers, flosses, oral irrigators, spiral dental brush, long handle.

DentaKit Braces Survival Kit includes: eakproof pop-up folding cup, dental pick, spiral interproximal brush, mint toothpaste, handy mirror, orthodontic-cut travel toothbrush, instructions.

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