Dental insurance codes: D0150, D0160, D0180

Dental insurance D0150 – A Comprehensive Oral Evaluation (new chart made), or D0150, is a medical code that illustrates the procedure in which typically a new patient is entered into the data system for a dental office or department. This comprehensive chart and information are gathered through the process of screening a new patient, an evaluation, and review of any necessary medical treatment, maintenance, or potential surgery for serious conditions. It’s also an opportunity for a dentist to determine whether or not a dental surgeon might be necessary to address certain oral anomalies. Comprehensive exams in general, are very beneficial because they allow dental professionals to organize, and maximize both treatment and health maintenance through an efficient system.

Dental procedure D0160 – An Extensive Oral Evaluation (problem-focused) is an in-depth review of any current dental conditions or diseases that requires further testing or treatment. Often, these types of examinations are based on a current problem expressed by the patient and can be effectively addressed through the dentist – though may require an oral surgeon or other specialized form of medical treatment. Sometimes, underlying diseases or conditions not yet known can be the culprit, and so it is often necessary to further examine potential causes, and what the most practical remedy for the patient might be.

Dental procedure code D0180 – The D0180 or Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation is for both new and current patients. The procedure typically involves various measures of testing, as well as high-risk treatment and evaluation for those with specific medical conditions – and smokers. Often, it will include the necessary probating and charting of dental, as well as overall oral hygiene, and recording (or making changes) to a patient’s medical and dental history. This assessment serves as a way to target necessary care or maintenance for things like restorations, missing or erupted teeth, and even an oral cancer evaluation and prevention.

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