What is a Dental Flosser? Are Dental Flossers Effective?

Today, you can choose not only from electric toothbrushes, but also from different electric dental flossers. Unlike traditional dental floss, this type of electric device uses pressurized water to help you clean the sides of your teeth. Let’s evaluate it in detail to help you decide if it could be useful to you.

How They Work

Dental flossers have a motor and a reservoir filled with water. There is a wand with a specially made tip connected to the reservoir. When you turn the device on, a small pulsating stream of pressurized water will come out of the tip. You just have to position the tip so that the water goes between your teeth. In general, you can point the water stream to any part of your tooth when cleaning it, including the section right next to the gum line to get rid of tiny pieces of food and plaque.

Safety and Ease of Use

You will floss your teeth with pure water which doesn’t contain any potentially harmful chemical compounds. Additionally, dental flossers usually have a large number of water pressure settings to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. If you have sensitive teeth or inflamed gums, you can set the pressure to low and still take advantage of the flossing in a safe way.

The wand and tip look as if they’ve come out of a dentist’s office and may seem a bit intimidating at first, but it’s quite easy to point the tip in the right direction. You can floss with your mouth closed or to open it, if you are standing over the bathroom sink. The way you hold the wand is quite similar to the way you hold your toothbrush.

Comparison to Regular Dental Floss

It’s safe to say that dental flossers are as effective as traditional floss when it comes to removing plaque from the sides of the teeth. Their major advantage is that they could be a lot gentler. The risk of hurting your gums accidently is virtually eliminated. Another benefit of the devices is that they require much less time, effort and skill to use. You just have to fill the reservoir with water, adjust the settings and point the water stream to the extremely thin gaps between the teeth.

Overall, dental flossers are quite effective for tooth cleaning. They produce comparable results to floss. What’s more, they are generally safe for people of all ages, including ones who experience different kinds of dental problems.

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