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Do Teeth Whitening Strips Really Work? Best Whitening Strips

A snow-white smile can be achieved not only by making expensive professional whitening, which is unknown how it affects on enamel, but also at home. And no, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide and brushing your teeth with baking soda has nothing to do with it. In recent years, many have been actively using whitening strips, which… Read More »

Dental Hygiene Tips for Pearly White Teeth

Why is it that people say “Cheese” to inform the photographer that they are ready for a snap? The purpose of saying cheese is to ensure that the teeth are visible or there is a hint of a smile or a hearty laugh. The teeth are the focal point of a face and there is… Read More »

Teeth Whitening Myths and Facts

Everybody has a desire to look and feel good about themselves, teeth whitening is one of the simplest and easiest option is to get started. Many dental practices described it as their “MOST WANTED” makeover service and people can’t help but smile afterwards with their “new” look. It makes other people more inquisitive as to… Read More »

The Benefits of Having White Teeth. Best Way to Whiten Teeth Professionally

Have you ever looked at your teeth and felt they were a little bit duller than you’d like? Your teeth can become stained from things like food, drinks, or smoking, losing their pearly whiteness to a dull yellow. Even though there may not be anything wrong with your teeth, yellowing teeth can certainly make you… Read More »

Top 10 home remedies for white teeth

How to get a white smile naturally Whenever you look at a person’s face, the first thing that catches your attention must be their teeth. People with bright and well-aligned teeth will feel far more confident than other and it’s the key of beautiful smile. Although people can easily come to any dental clinic, get… Read More »