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Home Remedies For Tooth Pain

Tooth pains are one of the most common complaints that people have. It is important to figure out the root cause of the pain to get yourself relieved of it. There are several rinses or home remedies for tooth pain that you can try, but for serious issues, a visit to the dentist is a… Read More »

What Foods To Avoid For Flawless Teeth

When it comes to teeth cleaning, Toronto dentists recommend avoiding specific types of food and drinks in order to keep the pearly whites as flawless as possible. The biggest culprits are probably those you already suspect, but there may be a few newbies lurking as well. COFFEE This delicious morning beverage can stain your teeth… Read More »

Best food for teeth enamel. Enamel friendly foods

Keeping your enamel not only intact but strong is something that you need to take a offensive approach in when you are talking about oral health. Along with making sure you have your teeth cleaned every 6 months and using preventive products there are foods that you can actually work into your diet that will… Read More »

Baby (infant) teething age, order, pattern

Every mother faces the issue of baby’s teething problems (temperature, fever, cough, night pain), the replacement primary teeth by permanent teeth, and the care and treatment of baby teeth. What to do if your baby won’t stop crying, eat, sleep (nap)? What we know about baby teeth? The first baby teeth (also known as reborner… Read More »

NHS Dental Treatment For Pregnant Women In UK

Good health is essential, most especially during pregnancy. In this regard, dental care for pregnant women is highly recommended, as well. This will prevent the expecting moms from acquiring gum diseases which usually results from hormonal imbalance. The good news is that, pregnant women in UK are entitled to free NHS dental treatments as prescribed.… Read More »

Tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, air, heat after new dental filling

Getting a cavity is never anyone’s idea of fun. Having the cavity drilled and filled can also be an experience that is less then pleasant but it is what needs to be done when you find one of those spots of decay. Some people have reported that after they have a filling or a replacement… Read More »

Do tooth dental veneers cause tooth sensitivity?

Sensitive teeth are the bane of many people it can crop up at bad times and make things difficult for you. There are a lot of reasons that teeth can become sensitive let’s take a look at two very different ones and what you can do to help that. Getting veneers is one way that… Read More »