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What is a Dental Flosser? Are Dental Flossers Effective?

Today, you can choose not only from electric toothbrushes, but also from different electric dental flossers. Unlike traditional dental floss, this type of electric device uses pressurized water to help you clean the sides of your teeth. Let’s evaluate it in detail to help you decide if it could be useful to you. How They… Read More »

DIY Toothpaste: Why You Should Use It and How To Make It

DIY cosmetics are definitely the way forward. Making your own toothpaste is a great way of ensuring that you’re looking after your teeth. So many shop-bought dental products contain unnecessary ingredients (unless you have specific dental needs!) and are wrapped in endless packaging that damages the environment. Check out this recipe for toothpaste you can… Read More »

Tooth discoloration after braces. How to clean/get rid of stained teeth

What to do if you worried about stained teeth after braces? How to fix stained teeth after braces? Wearing braces can be the reason for stains appearing on your teeth. The white spots can be not only under but also around the braces which looks unaesthetic. The situation is better for you if your braces… Read More »

Is teeth cleaning safe, dangerous, really necessary? What to expect

Oral hygiene is absolutely necessary; that’s old news, but we should remind ourselves sometimes since the negligence of keeping our mouths clean could not only cause dental problems, but provoke more dysfunction to other organs of our bodies as well. Do you have suspicious minds? Are you afraid of the dentist? Tooth cleaning is not… Read More »

Is mouthwash poisonous, safe? Pros and cons, side effects, problems

Everyone knows that they should brush their teeth and use floss but one thing that gets forgot about in the daily hygiene routine for your mouth is mouthwash. There are so many kinds of mouth wash out there that there is something that will work for everyone. There are brands that target morning breath or… Read More »

Child hates toothpaste/brushing teeth

Getting children into a healthy habit of brushing their teeth regularly is a very important task for any parent. So what do you do if your kid hates toothpaste? It may just be a case of finding the right toothpaste that your kid will like, do not try them out on adult ones first often… Read More »