Does Water Flosser Work? Best Most Effective Flossers For Teeth and Gums

water flosser for teeth

Water jet flosser or oral irrigator is an indispensable device for those who take care of one`s own health of their teeth and oral cavity. It’s operation principle is simple: one intakes water or medical product with the help of a particular nozzle in the form of a jet. Water flosser vs Flossing: water flosser is more effective than a toothbrush, a dental floss, and various brushes because it cleans not only teeth, gums, tongue, but also all hard-to-reach places of the oral cavity. It is especially convenient to use stationary water flossers at home. They are reliable, robust and fit perfectly into an interior of any bathroom. Big families with children will appreciate their benefit undoubtedly.

Experienced dentists give recommendations on a proper use of the water flosser, and they say which points to take into account when choosing one and to which characteristics to pay special attention.

Since childhood, parents teach us to treat oral hygiene responsibly: to brush teeth twice a day, to use a dental floss and rinse mouth after having a meal. However, unfortunately, dentists have long known that not even all these measures may be enough.

How to use an oral irrigator correctly

Pouring water into a water flosser up to about +104 ° F. Cold water can strike oversensitivity. You can also add a rinse to a tank to create an extra pleasant feeling of freshness.

Hold the nozzle at an angle of 90 degrees to an area currently being processed. Gum has an immense relief, so a water flosser must not only constantly move, but also change its position. The more difficult to reach for toothbrush area, the more it should be given time when cleaning with a water flosser.

How to use the water flosser

You should hold your head so that during cleaning the already used liquid flows freely from a mouth. If your gum is bleeding, reduce pressure and pay more attention to this area. Also, do not forget about a brush. Clean it first and then perform water treatments!

Important features

There are two main types of water flossers:

• Stationary for home;
• Portable / compact.

It is easy to choose a water flosser. It all depends on when and how often you plan to use it. If you need a device for prevention, you have a family and the whole scheme suits you “with a water flosser once or twice a day, and after eating” – then the best choice is a stationary water flosser.

What to look for when choosing:

• Large tank;
• Water;
• Powerful (jet pressure of 800 kPa);
• Small size;
• Interchangeable tips (for all family members);
• Long warranty.

how to choose effective water flosser

Among the disadvantages in this case, only that it is impossible to take it with you. If the doctor prescribed to use the water flosser every day and after each meal – then, apparently, your choice should be made in favor of a portable one.

See the following specifications:

• Small size;
• Power (at least 600-700 kPa);
• Small tank. Far from everyone likes to fill a tank several times for cleaning. But if it is most important for you to carry a device with you, this drawback is insignificant;
• Mode selection

What else can you look for when choosing? Many experts agree that it is necessary to take into account the following aspects when selecting a worthy model for yourself:

• A depth of cleaning a tooth surface depends on a frequency of air pulsation
• Availability and number of speed limits to make a device suitable for sensitive teeth
• Availability and amount of removable attachments
• Reviews
• Prices

On the case of water flossers, there is a power switch of a stream of water, and in various models from 4 to 10 modes of operation. Pay attention also to the maximum power of devices (stationary water flossers must have at least 550kPa).

There are many nozzles for a water flosser: standard for interdental spaces, periodontal, a nozzle with bristles for braces, a nozzle for cleaning a tongue, nozzle-brush, but only the first one is essential for daily hygiene. Use a water flosser correctly: start cleaning from the interdental spaces, first on medium power, gradually increasing a water pressure. Do not send a steady stream directly to your gum! Use minimum energy for massage. Best water flossers on the market 2019: most effective and flosserwater flossers from Aquajet, Donfeel, Waterpik. Here are three decent models:

1) Aquajet LD-A8: the most economical and relatively simple water flosser that does an excellent job with its functions.
best water flosser for braces
Water flosser AQUAJET LD-A8

2) Donfeel OR-840 Air: a great, very powerful water flosser.

water flosser for teeth

Donfeel OR-840 air water flosser

3) Waterpik WP-100 E2 Ultra: a powerful, stylish irrigator with a large number of different nozzles. Available in black (model WP-112 E2 Ultra).

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