What To Do If Your Baby, Child Won’t Brush Teeth?

What do you do when your baby, child won’t (refuses, hates) to brush teeth? Or won’t let me brush her, his teeth? Preschool children often do not want to brush their teeth or bathe. They do not understand why they need to do it, because it good without doing it.

What should I do if my child does not want to brush their teeth? There are some brushing baby’s teeth tips.

Give your child the freedom of choice in daily life. Example: instruct to do something different, corresponding to the age. Be sure to praise for their work. The child will not play up near the sink, he/she will try to live up to his/her “image”.

At the same time monitor his/her behavior. Look at yourself as if from outside, are you irritate by little things or you do not yell at a child. Indeed, many children, so try to attract the attention of my mother, when she is always busy working or other problems. It does not matter that draws attention to this negative method – the child does not want to brush teeth. Mom needs to overcome her anger, become more tolerant, more peaceful, kinder to the child. Otherwise it will be never-ending circle.

Not all boys care about cleanliness. Dirty, torn shirts and t-shirt after play give mom extra work. Over time, everything goes, and clothes will be clean, learn to wash and brush their teeth.

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