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Free, low cost dental clinics for low income, no insurance patients in Fresno, CA

There’s always a need in a person’s life to visit the dentist. Dentals play an important part in maintaining the dental hygiene of the people. Hence, it becomes important for the people to be aware of the dental clinics around them. So we have brought here a list of the dental clinics that are almost… Read More »

Free Dental Clinics for Low Income, No Insurance Patients in Chicago

Meeting Your Dental Needs Free of Cost When it comes to dental issues there is a lot that you need to consider and in this regard everyone has to look for different aspects that may cause being a barrier some or the other way. However, considering the different dental issues too many people are unable… Read More »

Toothpaste Color Bar/Mark Meaning: Blue, Green, Black, Red. Color Coding

Details about the Colored Marks on Your Toothpaste As the need of having hands on the different kinds of daily necessities is something essential for everyone out there, similarly the role played by the use of toothpaste is also very important. Toothpaste is that very first thing in the morning which is being required by… Read More »

Decrease ACS with Better Oral Health

ACS or Acute Coronary Syndrome is a medical term for chest pain and other symptoms which is the result of sudden reduction of blood flow to the heart. A recent study which was published in the Journal of Periodontology showcased that presence of specific bacteria and combination of bacteria which occurs in the spaces between… Read More »