Are Clear Braces as Good as Metal? Are Clear Braces Noticeable?

Braces: Metal or Clear?

Determining whether or not clear or metal braces are a good fit for you can be a bit challenging. Now a days outside of the original retro stainless-steel braces, there’s also ceramic, and Invisalign available.


Understandably, children, young, and middle-aged adults prefer ceramic or Invisalign to hide the fact that they have braces. However, it’s little known by those who are just entertaining the idea of getting braces that in nearly all cases stainless steel will be your best bet in requiring the least amount of time (1-2 years or less) before removal.

Ceramic braces, for example, are quite stylish and subtle – but they are not without consequences. Unfortunately, ceramic – like plastic – suffer from easily being stained, and also frequently punctured or breaking bands – that require replacement. Additionally, they require more maintenance – which in turn, could equate to a higher price both in the short and long-term. Unfortunately, many orthodontists and surgeons prefer to hard-cement the ceramic brackets. This although not frequent, can and has lead to pieces of one’s tooth braking off during or post brace-removal.

Many people, including young and older adults, choose stainless steel braces with a smile, because they know that they are the most effective at realigning or straightening your teeth or jaw. Additionally, stainless steel braces require less maintenance, and aren’t quite as big or obnoxious as they were years ago. In fact, steel brackets are designed much longer. To sweeten the pie, it’s possible (ideally for kids and young adults) to customize your bracket or band colors or switch them over-time if you’d like.

Likewise, since plastic and porcelain braces can be stained easily by coffee and other foods, they also can be replaced at your discretion. However, some whom previously have plastic or porcelain braces reported that they received odd looks – and that the design makes unusual ‘bumps’ appear where the brackets are located. Lastly, there are those who only opt to have the wire showing, but again, this too can look unusual and also be prone to a lot of staining issues, and even deterioration plastic or breakage, ouch!

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