4 Amazing Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry You Should Know About

Okay, so everyone knows that cosmetic dentistry helps you to look better but did you know there are other advantages that might even be considered more important than looking good? In this blog post we take a look through 4 amazing benefits of cosmetic dentistry that you should know about.

Facial Rejuvenation

Unbelievably, cosmetic dentistry can have a big impact on your overall face shape. As we get older the distance between the tip of our nose and the tip of our chin gets less and less as the teeth wear down.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry
This natural wearing of the teeth results in what is known as the loss of vertical dimension. What happens as we age is that the skin tends to pucker up and wrinkle around the mouth and nose partly caused by a change in the ageing skin but also exacerbated by the loss of vertical dimension and subsequent excess skin in this area. Cosmetic dentistry can help to rebuild this vertical dimension, restoring the distance between your nose and chin and therefore reducing wrinkles in this area.


Cosmetic dentistry can also help to reduce these lines around your mouth by plumping out your smile to make it broader and fuller. A broad smile stretches the skin slightly, reducing wrinkles and therefore resulting in a more youthful appearance… If this is then coupled with more youthful and whiter teeth the youthful change can be quite dramatic.

This sentiment is echoed by Natureza Dentist Croydon, they say:

“Modern dentistry is no longer just a case of filling and taking out teeth. These days, many people choose cosmetic smile dentistry or ‘aesthetic dentistry’, as a method of improving their facial and smiling appearance.”

Healthier teeth

This is quite surprising for some people. Teeth which are crooked and rotating can be very difficult to clean. Bacteria lurk in between the teeth and if it is not cleaned out regularly the acid attacks the teeth causing decay.
Because crooked or rotated teeth are more difficult to clean they inherently have more bacteria lurking in between them and are therefore more prone to acid attack and gum disease.

By having cosmetic dentistry in the form of orthodontics the teeth can be straightened again not only looking better but easier to clean resulting in a healthier more attractive smile.

A more balanced smile making eating easier

Did you know that your teeth are in very fine balance with one another? The top teeth prevent the bottom teeth from over erupting and vice versa, the pressure between your tongue pushing out and your cheeks pulling in also keep your teeth in the correct position and in fine balance.

This is also true for teeth next to each other. The teeth balance each other out and prevent each other from drifting. This fine balance it quite easy to upset, particularly if teeth are missing.

Missing teeth can upset this fine balance and result in teeth drifting and moving into positions which are undesirable. Cosmetic dentistry to replace missing teeth can help support the adjacent and opposing teeth, reducing the risk of teeth drifting and movement and therefore providing you with a more balanced smile making it easier to eat and chew.

A more stable smile (bone loss after implants)

If we have missing teeth then the way the body fills in the gap in the bone where the tooth has come out is to collapse in the surrounding bone. This results in the loss of bone quantity in the areas of the missing teeth.

If we use a dental implant to replace that missing tooth, not only will the cosmetic appearance look better (remember gaps in the mouth always look black and unattractive) but also the bone around where the tooth was lost will be supported by the dental implant. This then prevents this natural tendency to lose bone around a missing tooth… Amazing!


Did you know about these 4 amazing benefits of cosmetic dentistry? We’d love to know what you think in the comments section below.

Dentistry should always be ballistic in its approach, cosmetic dentistry fulfil that requirement often by making sure that the smile is healthier, easier to look after, more balanced and stable as a result.

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