‘10’ Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes Which Deform our Teeth!

Oral hygiene is the only reliable means of maintaining healthy teeth and gaining a beautiful smile. For this very purpose, every morning we begin with brushing our teeth, and throughout the day we apply other oral care measures. There are a number of procedures that have become so popular and can properly care for our teeth. Millions of people are absolutely certain that their dental care is flawless.

Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes

Dentists from all over the world pay attention to the fact that the quality of dental care depends not only on how often we brush our teeth but also on the quality of the process itself. However, this write-up will explain the common oral hygiene mistakes that can deform your teeth.

  • Errors in the Selection of Brush

In modern supermarkets range of brushes for the teeth is so varied that making the right choice is not easy. Many people choose a toothbrush according to external data, like beautiful packaging, original design or guided by commercials. There is no need to buy the currently popular brushes with flavours, which do not increase the effectiveness of cleansing. According to dentists, only an electric brush with the versatile rotation of the villi can be better than usual. The best option is the choice of medium-hard brushes or soft-bristled brushes.

The rule to change the brush every 3 months is an important recommendation that should not be ignored.

  • Errors in the Choice of Paste

The situation with the choice of pasta is similar. The choice of modern pastes is so wide that you can easily succumb to the influence of advertising or public opinion, making the wrong choice, and overpaying in the end. To avoid this, consider the following valuable tips:

  • Pastes should not be used for too long. Once a month, change them to regular pastes or pastes with a different action;
  • Discard the constant use of pastes containing fluoride. With frequent use of fluoride can cause the development of chronic disease;

Do not rush to buy the paste yourself. Consult your doctor who will recommend the best paste for your case.

  • Errors in Cleansing the Teeth

You should clean teeth twice a day. But overdoing this and brushing your teeth 3 or more times a day is not necessary. Moreover, it can thin the enamel of the teeth, making your teeth only worse. The frequent cleansing increases the risk of gum trauma. It is necessary to move the brush smoothly, gently and slowly. The sharp or too vigorous movements can harm the enamel or cause injury to the gums. It is also known that the session of teeth cleaning should last 3 minutes. In this case, you can spend 7-10 seconds on each tooth.

  • Improper Start of the Process

Starting to care for your teeth should also be subject to certain rules. To start the process each time you should choose a new area. This will save you from the monotony of the process and contribute to a better cleansing. In this regard, it is better to divide the teeth into 4 areas and each time choose a new area to start the process.

This will allow you not to miss areas that you may not be captured cleaning monotonous cleaning day after day.

  • Wrong Movements When Brushing Teeth

The most common mistake when cleaning is improper brushing. Usually, a person brushes his/her teeth by leading back and forth or making circular motions. But there are clear recommendations of the dentists regarding movements during this process. During cleaning a brush should be at an angle of 45 ° to the floor. The movement should be strictly vertical, and, clearing the upper row of teeth, the direction of movement should go down, and clearing the bottom row – up. You should first clean the outer surface and only then proceed to the inner.

  • Cleaning the Tongue

Cleansing will be incomplete if you do not clean the tongue. It turns out that harmful bacteria settle on the tongue just as much as on the teeth. Having forgotten about the tongue, you will do only half of the work. The tongue can be cleaned with the back of a brush and with suitable preparations for cleansing the tongue, which is sold in pharmacies in abundance. A common mistake that many people make during the cleaning of the tongue is strong pressure on the root. This can trigger a gag reflex, as well as coughing.

  • Insufficient Rinsing of the Mouth

Cleansing the tongue completes the procedure of cleaning the teeth. However, before it is important to thoroughly rinse the mouth, removing all the particles of paste. It needs several times for 30–40 seconds and preferably not only with plain water but also with suitable solutions for this purpose.

Some pharmacy products not only perfectly clean the oral cavity but also provide fresh breath. In addition, never forget to rinse the brush at the end of the procedure, since after each session millions of bacteria remain on the bristles.

  • Storage of Brushes for Cleaning Teeth

Keep the brush clean properly is also important. Many people wash it, immediately send it to the glass. But you cannot leave the brush wet. With this, you provoke the reproduction of bacteria, which will surely get into our mouth. To avoid this, after each session, shake the brush, and then send it to the case or wear a protective cap that lets air through. The presence of the case is hygienic and convenient.

  • Avoiding the Use of Dental Floss

Most people are absolutely sure that brushing their teeth twice a day completely protects their teeth and mouth from the effects of germs. However, after breakfast, lunch and dinner, microbes settle on the teeth and tongue. To maintain oral hygiene throughout the day, dentists from around the world advise you to use dental floss as well as suitable rinses. To remove food particles and plaque, dental floss is just perfect, and after such a procedure you should always rinse your mouth with an effective antiseptic solution.

  • Ignoring Regular Check-up with Dentists

Many people believe that if you regularly take care of your teeth, you do not need to visit the dentist. A dentist is a specialist who assesses not only the condition of the teeth but also the surrounding areas. He/she cannot only heal the incipient carious destruction but also prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease. In addition, the doctor will give individual advice on the care of teeth and oral cavity. That is why you need to visit the dentist at least 2 times a year.


The high-quality professional dental cleaning at the dentist makes it possible to maintain healthy gums and teeth. It is important that the observance of simple rules of prevention can significantly save the budget because the treatment of neglected diseases requires significant costs.

Author Bio: Dr. Omid Allan is a highly educated, skilled and experienced dentists with special interests in Dental Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry. He has been practicing dentistry since 1996 and been involved in implant dentistry since year 2000. Dr Allan is an inventor in the field of Dental Implants in Manly. He has developed and patented an exclusive implant system known as Miniature Implants.

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